lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Rotture d'onda un pomeriggio di fine estate, 
seduto in riva all'oceano, 
osservavo il moto delle onde 
e sentivo il ritmo del mio respiro...

...every breaking wave on the shore
tells the next one "there'll be one more"...
...summer I was fearless
now I speak into an answerphone
like every fallen leaf on the breeze 
winter wouldn't leave it alone, alone...

...every sailor knows that the sea
 is a friend made enemy
every shipwrecked soul knows what it is
to live without intimacy...

...the sea knows where all the rocks
are drowning is an ocean
you know where my heart is
the same place that yours has been
we know that we fear the wind
and it's all we have before we begin...

Breaking Wave from PLEBIAN DESIGN on Vimeo.

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